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Formsual /’form-ZH-oo-al/ adjective 1. A completely made up term used to describe meetings, gatherings or dates that aren’t casual enough to warrant the classic logo T-shirt and jeans, but not formal enough to go in a collared shirt. These are the worst events because usually no matter what you choose, you wind up feeling like an idiot for tipping too far to one side of the scale. Alas – we’ve developed the perfect shirt to sit right on the fence between casual and formal, thus solving the problem of apparel-induced anxiety. Meet the Green and Black Tee. It fits like a million bucks, is comfy as $%*! just like your regular Vortex Tee’s, but the design is subdued and sophisticated enough to appear as though you at least tried a little without going overboard. The perfect shirt for meeting your wife’s old college friends at happy hour who have apparently “Heard all about you”, Friday night on the town with the promise of “Anything could happen” from your typically over-exaggerative co-worker, or a last-minute invite to hang after your buddy’s rehearsal dinner when he says “Oh dude you don’t have to dress up, just wear whatever you have on!” Yes, now you have the perfect answer for those gloriously ambiguous invitations. Go forth and conquer, Vortex Nation.

Style Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Fabric 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Care Machine Wash Cold


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