BaaderSKU: BAA2458197

Ultra Short clamp 2” accessory clamp for C11/C14 (meade) OTA's (comprizing BAA2458196 & BAA2408145)

The wait is over. Baader Planetarium has developed the big brother to their acclaimed 1¼” Clicklock clamp. The new 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp brings eyepiece holders into the 21st century. Gone are the cumbersome thumbscrews. Gone are imprecise and wobbly holders. Now, with a simple twist, 2" eyepieces and accessories are instantly locked with such strength that they can literally support an entire telescope without slippage.
Simply grasp the rubber-knurled outer collar and lightly twist - that's all there is to it.
3-point clamping guarantees consistent centering and the complete absence of wobble.
No-Marring of your fine eyepieces and accessories.
Knurled Clamp Lever is also provided for added convenience and to give a quick visual indication of clamp position *.
20degree Rotation is all that is required. Very low force required to rotate.
Absolutely no sag or misalignment, even for heavy and long accessories.


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