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This day&night "dual-purpose" version of the SkySurfer V/2016 is available now – the price does not change. New since 07/2016: SkySurfer V works now in dual function ("day &night"), as precise solar-finder as well. The scope of supply now does contain an adhesive recticle, to mount (to stick) onto the outside of the rear glass protecting hood, as well as a frontside bounce cover with a 0.7 mm center bore, to safely project an ever so tiny solar image onto the rear recticle
Includes Baader-Standard-Base #2457000+ V -Bracket #2457010
Sealed waterproof and completely made of black anodized metal. Weight Viewfinder: without adapter to the telescope 282 g / 394 g with adapter
Long dew shields are mounted before and behind the lens to prevent fogging
The 1: 1 objective lens is non-reflective and darkens the sky much lower from than competitive-seekers

Note the detailed manual under the tab "Downloads". Also please urgently see the corresponding info about solar observation under Newly added are: one selfadhesive solar-finder recticle and one springloaded front bounce cover with 0.7 mm center bore hole. This item must be press-mounted onto the front 40 mm dew prevention tube and can stay closed at all times during the day, only to be opened during nightwork.

Sky Surfer V - scope includes:
Dew shields (two pc)
Baader V-bracket #2457010
Baader standard-base #2457000
Front dust cap with bounce cover and centered 0.7 mm bore hole, to work as solar finder when cover is cloed
Rear dust-cap with clear glass inset, to mount the opaque crossheir screen
Diffusing (opaque) crosshair screen for attaching it onto the rear dust cap, if required
WEIGHT - 0.472 kg


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