Interchangeable infrared flashlights for digital night vision riflescopes Digisight Ultra N450/N455, Digisight Ultra N450/N455 LRF, digital NV attachments Forward F455 with adjustable power and precise setting of spot position in the field of view.

Pulsar Ultra X-850A. Increased range

Wavelength of IR-illuminator Pulsar Ultra X-850A is 850 nm. Sensors of digital night vision devices have the best sensitivity in this range and due to this fact, illuminator is effective for viewing remote objects.


Adjustable IR Spot Position

Design of Pulsar IR Flashlights allows spot position to be corrected in the field of view horizontally and vertically. To do this, turn the lever to loosen the ring fixing the optical assembly, adjust the IR spot in the center of the field of view (the NV unit should be on) and pull the lever to tighten the ring again.

Power Adjustment

3-step power setting helps to achieve optimal intensity of illumination in specific observation conditions. Power is adjusted by sequential press of the button on the body on of IR flashlight.


Mounting Pulsar Ultra-X850 /X940A on the riflescope and taking it off can be done in seconds. With the help of bayonet mount the process is easy and reliable.

Power supply

IR Illuminator connects to digital night vision attachments Forward F455 and riflescopes Digisight Ultra N455/ Digisight Ultra N455 LRF by means of special socket connector and receives power from digital night vision unit. The data about illumination power is shown in the status bar of night vision unit.


IR wavelength, 850nm (long-range)
Emitter LED
Degree of protection, IPX7 code (IEC60529)
Operating temperature range, -25 – +50°С
Dimensions, 108x45x54mm
Weight, 0.142kg


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