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Accolade 2 LRF thermal imaging binoculars are based on an IR sensor (uncooled microbolometer). The binoculars feature comfortable observation with both eyes. The binoculars are designed for the use both in the night-time and during the day in adverse weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) to see through obstacles hindering detection of targets (branches, tallgrass, thick bushes etc.). The binoculars do not require an external source of light and are not affected by bright light exposure. The binoculars are equipped with a precise built-in laser rangefinder designed to measure distance up to 1000 m. Accolade 2 LRF thermal imaging binoculars are designed for various areas of application including night hunting, observation, trail orienteering, rescue operations etc.

High sensor resolution

Thermal imaging sensor with NETD <40mK ensures perfect detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions when thermal contrast is low. The smallest temperature differences will be clearly visible during the rainfall, fog or cold mornings in the most difficult conditions for thermal imager.

Long detection distance up to 1800m 
Powerful objective lens in combination with professional grade thermal imaging sensor with NETD 40 mK provides exceptional detection capabilities. A standard 1.8m tall object can be detected at a 1800m distance in complete darkness
Smooth and incremental digital zoom
Digital zoom, up to 8x, provides improved focus and better overall object recognition at significant distances..
Comfortable for long observation
The dual eyepiece configuration reduces eye fatigue during longer viewing and enhances the natural look of objects. The human brain is pre-conditioned to receive visual information from two channels simultaneously. The brain then combines the information into a single image. When one eye is used to observe, the brain only receives information a single input. The increased effort from the brain to override the standard algorithm of visual perception can quickly lead to the observer feeling fatigued and uncomfortable.
Variable interpupillary distance
The ability to adjust the distance between eyepieces allows the user to best position the optic for individual needs. Interpupillary distance differs from person to person. Adjusting for individual fit dramatically improves viewing comfort and quality, and eliminates the potential for double-imaging.
Laser Rangefinder
Precision shooting begins with knowing the distance to your target. The Accolade LRF features an integrated laser rangefinder capable of capturing and displaying target distances accurately, within ±1 m., up to 1000 m.
High refresh rate 50 Hz
High Image frequency is important when shooting at moving targets. A high refresh rates ensures motion is fluid and in real-time, allowing more accurate speed assessment and shot placement.
Built-in video recorder
The Built-in video recorder is a great asset when it comes to filming or taking photos of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One press of the REC button captures footage that can be shared easily with colleagues, friends and family.

Wi-Fi. Integration with IOS and Android devices

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of thermal imager with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update and many other.

Frost resistant AMOLED display
The device is designed for flawless operation in extreme weather and temperature conditions. Whether the environment is freezing cold or blistering hot, the image retains its contrast and vivid colors without loss of frame rate. The high-contrast, color AMOLED display uses top technology to ensure stable, high-quality imaging in virtually any weather conditions.
Stadiametric rangefinder
The stadiametric rangefinder helps to estimate range to an object based on its size. The device’s advanced, proprietary, rangefinding interface provides important ranging information within seconds.
Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs
The device’s innovative battery-release mechanism ensures fast, flawless battery changes. Rechargeable IPS5 battery packs provide up to 8 hours of continuous operation in Wi-Fi mode.
Fully waterproof IPX7
IPX7 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, snow or other precipitation. The unit is designed to run flawlessly, even after submersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.
“Picture-in-Picture” mode
Picture-in-picture displays a magnified image at the top-center 10% of the overall field of view for precise zooming on an object of interest.

Full-Color AMOLED Display

New display delivers crisp, richly contrasted, vividly colored field of view, AMOLED technology ensures flawless, fluid, high-resolution imaging and power saving.

Electronic components
Frame Rate, 50 Hz
Microbolometer resolution, 640x480 @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK)
Pixel Pitch, µm 17
Display type AMOLED
Display Resolution, 640x480 pixels
Built-In Video Recorder Availability yes
Built-In Memory, 8 Gb Format of video clip .avi
Resolution of video clip 640x480
Format of photo files .avi / .jpg
Resolution of photo files 640x480
USB, type microUSB
Operation modes 3
Integrated Wi-Fi module yes
Optical characteristics
Magnification, 2.5 − 20 x
Digital zoom, 2.5 − 20x
Objective Lens F50/1.2
Exit pupil, 5 mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment, 56-71 mm
Diopter adjustment, ± 5 dptr.
Close-up distance, 3 m
Range of Detection, m
Range of detection, 1800 m (object high x width = 1,7x0,5m)
Power Supply
Power Supply, 3.0 - 4.2 V
Battery type Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS7
Battery Life, 7 hours
External Power Supply Micro USB type B (5V)
Physical & operational characteristics
Operating Temperature, - 25 … +50 °С
Level of Protection IPX7 (acc. to IEC 60529)
Waterproof yes
Dimensions, 164x130x64 mm
Weight (without batteries), 0.6 kg


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