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Baader Moon & Skyglow filter 2' greatly enhances visual contrast for lunar & planetary work. Cuts most streetlights, skyglow and IR for CCD-imaging.

Drastically improved contrast for all reflector telescopes, without loss of brightness!

Greatly intensifies surface details on Mars, Jupiter and Moon - and enhances many Deep Sky galaxies and nebulae against the background sky.

Selective contrast enhancing filter, especially suitable for all reflector type telescopes and true Apochromates (Economy refrator owners might consider the Contrast-Booster Filter instead, featuring an additional dielectric UV-blocker, to eliminate blue part of the spectrum.)

Especially effective on small economy telescopes which cannot benefit from expensive narrow-band nebula filters due to the hughe light-loss involved. Transmission within the selected wave bands exceeds 95%.

Fits all standard filter threads.

Planeoptically polished! Retains full image resolution - even at highest magnification, way above 200 times, or during eyepiece protection work - even in front of a binocular viewer.
The Baader Planetarium Moon & Skyglow (Neodymium) filter brings an entirely unique approach to planetary contrast enhancement and light pollution reduction. Based on earlier research at Carl Zeiss, Baader has developed a new filter that uses Neodymium glass which filters out a few specific wavelengths from streetlights as well as skyglow from the Moon. The unique spectral characteristics of Neodymium also boost color contrasts by isolating the Red, Green, and Blue regions (so-called RGB enhancement). The result is a filter that leaves natural colors mostly intact, but significantly enhanced.

Planetary and Lunar views are improved in all scopes, reflectors, refractors (APO or Achro). Jupiter's Great Red Spot and ruddy hues of the bands are noticeably enhanced, and contrast of Martian surface features significantly boosted. The Background sky is darkened, and subtle details improved. The filter's high efficiency preserves image brightness, and many Galaxies, Nebulae and Globular Star Clusters are improved due to the reduction of skyglow from artificial lighting.
The high quality of Baader Planetarium filters permits stacking with no image degradation. Achromat owners will find the combination of Moon & Skyglow and the new Fringe Killer filter to be ideal for planetary viewing. The high light throughput and natural coloration will make achromats perform more like an apochromat. An integrated version is also now available, the Semi-APO filter.

The Moon & Skyglow is also optimized for imagers, due to its full IR-blocking.
The filter substrate is a special custom melt of Neodymium doped glass, designed for specific transmission characteristics, and made only for Baader Planetarium. In addition to it's unique spectral characteristics, unlike most filters, the Baader Moon & Skyglow surfaces are optically polished to deliver the best possible image sharpness and contrast.


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