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The Fujinon Air Drop Series binoculars represent an outstanding combination of advanced design and technology in terms of optics, ergonomics and control features.

It is the first series from Fujinon to incorporate the patented "G-Proof" sealed air chamber shock absorbing system. It is the toughest binocular in the world, exceeding key factors of U.S. Military Specifications, U.S. Military Standard 810E for shock, vibration, water resistance.

For example, the Military tests require a binocular to withstand a 40G shock test. The Air Drop takes 200G shocks in its stride; that's 5 times greater!

A binocular that can be submerged in 4.5m of water for 5mins without water penetration passes the U.S. Army Mil Spec test for being waterproof. Air Drop binoculars pass the same test after 10mins; twice as long, twice as good!

In drop tests, Air Drop survives falls from heights 21/2 times higher than the Mil Spec requirement.

Even better, Air Drop binoculars will float when used with the supplied floatation neck strap.

The housings are made of space age lightweight, heavy duty polycarbonates for exceptional durability and strength. They are sealed, dry nitrogen purged (to eliminate possible fungal growth that clouds the optics of less carefully made binoculars) and contain internal desiccants.

Red housing
Magnification - 8X
Objective Lens Diameter - 23mm
Exit pupil diameter - 2.9mm


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