BAADER GLASSPATH CORRECTOR 1:2.60 for Maxbright and Mark V Großfeld Binocular

BaaderSKU: BAA2456317

These glass path correctors can be attached to all Baader Binocular viewers. They compensate for the additional optical length of a binocular viewer so that you can reach focus even in telescopes with little back focus. Optically they have a similar function as a Barlow lens.Glasspathcorrector Factor 2.6. Optical path length: -120 mm Suitable to insert into the Baader Maxbright or Mark V Großfeld Binocular viewer (insert diameter: ∅ 38 mm). A Baader Glaspathcorrector® is not a Barlow lens! The reason for this name is only secondly the displacement of the focal point. A Glaspathcorrector® is primarily intended to correct the prismatic color fringing that occurs on Refractors due to the high amount of glasses used in binocular prisms.

Weight - 0.034kg
Outer Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) - Barrel, M34, T-2 (M42 x 0,75)
Magnification (x) - 1 : 2.60
Optical tube length -120 mm
Optical Design - Glaspath Corrector
Compatible telescopes - Refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrain, Newton


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