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The original eyepiece spectroscope. Baader Planetarium's Blazed Grating Spectroscope/Spectrograph permits amateurs and educators to observe and image stellar spectra.

The unique high-quality glass transmission grating provides exceptionally bright spectra, up to 82% first order transmission!, 30% brighter than other available eyepiece spectrographs.

Through the Baader Spectroscope, stars will produce a vivid spectrum with the colors spread out along its length like a rainbow. Emission lines and absorption lines can be readily observed in many stars. These lines can be used to identify specific elements in the star's atmosphere, or ascertain a star's temperature. Visibility of features depends on the type and brightness of the star, telescope aperture, magnification, and atmospheric conditions.

The following components are supplied with each Spectroscope:
•Blazed Transmission Grating, mounted in a Baader precision 1¼" threaded filter cell.
•PhotoVisual 1¼" Eyepiece Holder. Accepts the Transmission Grating, and 1¼" eyepiece. Eyepieces (magnification) can therefore be changed at will without disturbing the orientation of the grating. Also incorporates output T-threads for connection to any CCD or film camera.
•Cylindrical Lens assembly w/Eye Shade, slips over eyepiece to further spread out the spectrum for better visibility of some objects. Fits any eyepiece with an approximate 33mm OD barrel (works with many common 1¼" eyepieces, plossls, orthos, etc, including Baader Genuine Orthoscopics).

What is a Blazed Grating? The Baader Spectroscope uses a special glass 207 Lines/mm diffraction grating for dispersing the incoming light. Simple gratings produce several spectra (first and higher orders). The laser holographic blazing process shapes the grooves of the grating to concentrate the light into the 1st order spectra. The result is a much brighter spectra. Even when compared to other blazed grating spectroscopes available to the amateur, the Baader grating is significantly brighter, permitting improved visibility and a greater selection of suitable objects.

Each spectroscope comes in a padded storage box, with detailed instructions and a list of suitable objects and their spectral types.


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