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Baader Astro Solar Photo Film 100x50cm, Telescope Quality ND=3.8.

Baader Planetarium's AstroSolar Safety Film delivers white light views of the Sun that are unmatched by any other objective solar filter or material. The views through AstroSolar display fine solar details, including fine penumbral detail, solar granulation, and lighter colored faculae. The disk is set against a dark background, free of the haze and scatter that is common in typical 'mylar' films or inexpensive glass filters. The performance of AstroSolar is even more remarkable on telescopes up to 8". We even have sizes large enough for producing full-aperture filters for very large telescopes. When combined with Baader's tips for a simple do-it-yourself filter mount, anyone can construct a complete low cost - High Quality - white light solar filter for any telescope.

It is possible to further improve the stability and sharpness of the solar image through the use of the Baader Solar Continuum Filter. Views of granulation and faculae are particularly enhanced through the use of this filter, in combination with AstroSolar. Users of achromatic refractors will be particularly pleased with the performance using this additional filter.

Photographic film with Optical Density 3.8 may not be used for visual observation. Even photographic film is used exclusively to photography of the sun at high magnification - in conjunction with a suitable Projection ocular . This is only necessary to achieve despite a very high post-magnification and correspondingly extremely long focal length telescope, but short exposure times. Photo Slide 3.8 is not suitable to be mounted directly in front of a camera lens. The resulting image brightness is too high.

In the direct view through a telescope with a front mounted photographic film 3.8 OD need for a critical look at the sun always a UV / IR cut filter (# BAA2459207A, section 43B) along with a D?_mpfglas / neutral density filter with factor 1.8 ND (# BAA2458345) also in the beam path to be installed - or at least privately held before the eye.

The film must be mounted flat and free of any tension - Only this will provide first class optical properties. The quality of this patent pending material is so high that any strain on the film will lead to a very noticeable deterioration of optical quality (it is preferable to have a few mild wrinkles than to place the film under stress from pulling it).



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