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Please note these unique heavy duty binoculars are made for us overseas.

Shipping to Australia can be by Sea or by Air depending on your choice. Packed into 2 boxes weighing between 50 and 75 Kilos depending on the model.

SEA SHIPMENT can take up to 12 weeks but is the cheapest method at around $1600 per binocular. This includes Customs Clearance Charges and delivery throughout Australia.

AIRFRIGHT is a much quicker delivery option but also the most expensive. Shipment by Air will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks and the cost including customs clearance charges and delivery to you will be approximately $2700 per binocular.

Prices can change due to the exchange rate of the  Aussie Dollar variations so we recommend you contact us for a fixed quote at that time. A 50% Deposit will be required before we place the order to manufacture your product. The balance will be due after they arrive and before we ship the goods to you in Australia.

Please contact us on 07-3393 9384 if you have any questions.