The free Stream Vision 2 mobile application is a powerfu! mobile client expanding the features and use scenarios of thermal imaging, digital night vision and multispectral electro-optic devices from PULSAR and YUKON. The application enriches the functionality of electro-optic devices by allowing them to work in combination with smartphones using Android or iOS platforms. Linking the electro-optic device via a Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone enables the smartphone to act as a file browser, viewfinder for direct unit-to-phone image streaming, remote control for changing units settings on-the-go, firmware update platform, and offers many more functions.
After registration in the application, the user gets free space in the Stream Vision 2 Cloud for storage of both photos and videos. Stream Vision 2 gives an opportunity to receive the latest news about technologies and happenings in the world of night vision and thermal imaging.

Remote Control
Control and adjust the settings of your thermal imaging or digital night vision device in the Stream Vision 2 App. See all changes in real-time in the viewfinder and make necessary corrections on-the-go.

Firmware Update
Keep your Pulsar or Yukon optic device up-to-date and receive all the latest features and firmware enhancements. Use your Stream Vision 2 App to check and download the latest firmware for your device. Update your unit with downloaded firmware and enjoy new features.

Photo and Video Browser
Browse all photos and videos recorded in on your thermal or digital night vision device. Download the files to your smartphone and share them with your friends.

Remote Real-Time Image Viewing
See a real-time image viewing device in the screen of your smartphone, allowing you record footage and take photos.