The New Fusion 14x30 Electronic Stabilization binoculars allows you to have a high quality viewing image with no more shakes or jitters all at 14 times magnification. 

Magnification - 14x
Power - 2 x AAA batteries
Continuous run time - 12 hours approx.
Auto OFF - after 5 minutes of no movement
Shower resistant
Dimensions - Length 150mm x Width 110mm x Depth 50mm
Weight - 425 grams
*Includes Case and neck strap



Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide introduces the updated firmware 2.9./4.9. Click on underlined product links for more individual details Krypton FXG50 and Proton FXQ30 thermal imaging attachments, Krypton XG50 and Proton XQ30 thermal imagers, Forward F455 digital attachments, and Forward FN455 digital night vision devices.
Pair your devices with the easy-to-use Pulsar Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control to experience the ultimate comfort.




Over the course of time, the phenomenon of growing antlers has fascinated humans. This is for good reason, though. The process by which antlers grow is truly mind boggling when we slow down to consider the steps an individual buck or bull must go through to produce a set of antlers


Firmware 4.10. Improved detail rendering of observed warm objects

Firmware update provides you with:

  • Improved detail of warm and hot objects. People, animals and other warm objects are displayed on the screen in a higher number of shades and semitones. It increases the amount of information and improves the identification of observed objects in the thermal imager field of view.
  • Improved graphical user interface (GUI). Image Detail Boost indication is added to the status bar below the screen.

Firmware update version 4.10 is available for the following range of thermal devices:

  • Thermal imaging monocular Helion 2 XQ38F
  • Thermal imaging monocular Helion 2 XQ50F
  • Thermal imaging monocular Helion 2 XP50 Pro
  • Thermal imaging riflescope Thermion 2 XQ38
  • Thermal imaging riflescope Thermion 2 XQ50
  • Thermal imaging riflescope Thermion 2 XP50


NEW FOR 2021 Baader 3.5 / 4nm f/2 Ultra-Highspeed-Filter-Set 2" – CMOS-optimized (H-alpha / O-III / S-II)Baader H-alpha / O-III / S-II f/2 Ultra-Highspeed Filter Set – Premium Grade
  • This new generation of Baader CMOS-filters features:
  • CMOS-optimized Baader Filters
  • Increased contrast
  • Ever more narrow passbands
  • Reflex-Blocker™ coatings, for largest ever freedom from halos, even under most adverse conditions concerning aux-optics
  • Life-Coat™: evermore hard coatings to enable a non-aging coating for life – even in a most adverse environment



This rifle rest will fit to any Tripod, Bipod or Monopod with a standard ¼” adapter. Quick to attach, quick to take off. As well as being a rifle support mount it can also be used for a quick Spotting scope or Thermal and Night Vision support. There are 2 holes on either side of the mount that can be used to lace up a quick simple string or rubber holder to steady a spotting scope or other optics while the search is on.   


FAQ - Thermal Vision

1. Does a thermal imager emit anything and is this radiation dangerous?

Thermal imagers are absolutely safe because the unit itself does not emit anything but only receives and analyses the incoming signal (infrared emission from objects).

2. Can I use a thermal imager to see through glass?

No, there are no thermal imagers able to look through glass because glass does not let infrared radiation within 8–14 ɥm pass.

3. Can the bright sunlight damage a thermal imager?

It is not recommended to point the thermal imager with open lens cap at powerful sources of energy (unit emitting laser radiation or the sun), because it may negatively impact the accuracy of the thermal imager. Do not use your thermal unit at temperatures exceeding +50 °С as high temperatures may damage the unit.


To help tell a great hunt story with your photography, one tip is to isolate your subject to show how it feels to be on the hunt.

Capturing your hunt has become more popular thanks to outlets like Instagram, YouTube, and the overall need for outdoor content from top-shelf brands. With the ever-growing number of hunters bringing a camera to the woods, I wanted to share a few things I have found that make my work not only look better, but also makes my workflow more efficient.


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The Yukon Solaris 20x50 Water Proof binoculars are a multitask binocular combining optimal and operational characteristics. Level of Protection IPX6 (acc. to IEC 60529). The Solaris are designed for armature and professional users and are ideal for:

* Hunting, Fishing, Sports events
* Tourism, Camping
* Bird and Animal watching
* Search and Rescu

* Also available in 7x50, 10x50, 12x50 &16x50 


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