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 Hi-Spy NEW control board for the coin viewer models.

See the following benefits:

1. 100% Waterproof - by means of totally encasing the controller in plastic “potting”.

2. Easy to Read Audit Display.

3. Power-On indicator - new control boards have LED lights to show power is going to the control board.

4. Greatly Increased Battery Life – the power draw on the new board is so low that average sites can expect 6-12 months without changing the 4-AA batteries. 


Highest Quality - All Hi-Spy products are of the highest quality and are built to sustain intense usage, extreme weather and, to a great extent, vandalism and other forms of abuse. 

All Aluminum - All models are all aluminum for better corrosion resistance (particularly by the sea) and weigh 125 lbs. This is much more sturdy compared to our competitors’ much lighter products. 

Long Lasting - Professional fabrication and highly durable construction – many units have been on sites for decades. 

Attractive Design - The worldwide compliments that we receive annually are ample proof of our pleasing design. The eye-catching appearance of our product is a major appeal for users. 

Choice of Optics - All models except VistaViewer are available in binocular models of 10X and 20X magnifications and telescope models of 20X and 35X magnifications. All our binocular and all our telescope models have waterproof (nitrogen-filled) optics. 

Our Dual and ADA models are American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. 

Coin Acceptance - We can provide coin acceptors for any domestic or any foreign coins, and we can provide a one-coin, two-coin, or four-coin acceptors. 

Price Savings - Dual models are less expensive than buying two separate units. Each unit combines two heads on one post – one at standard height, and the other at wheelchair height. 

 Record of Innovation - We don’t rest on our laurels. We have a proven record of innovation. Since we operate hundreds of our machines for our own account, what we learn in the field goes into improvements. 

Additional Information 

Machines weigh 54kg (120lbs) with contoured metal base and 50kg (110 lbs) with flat aluminum baseplate. Machines with additional base weights added to contoured metal baseweight 72kg (160 lbs).

Contact us for further info
 or Ph: (61) 7 3393 9384 

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