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SmartStar-PR Computerized German Equatorial Mount and Tripod system provides superior performance and stability. Ideally suited for astrophotography the EQ5 is built with precision worm gears and high-caliber bearings for smooth celestial tracking. Our heavy-duty two-inch stainless steel tripod means your telescope and images will not be disturbed by any bump or windy night. The EQ5 also includes a latitude scale for easier alignment and an optional polar finder scope.

SmartStar-PR is fully computerized with a database of over 130,000 ??? the most of any GoTo system on the market. The GoToNova Controlleris more intuitive than its peers with menu categories better organized. It also has the largest LCD screen on the market with 8 lines of content compared with others that only have 2 lines. Using the easy-to-use hand controller, you can easily set up your telescope and select where you want to go.

SmartStar-PR is easy to balance on both axes by simply sliding the counterweights. This is very helpful when attaching a camera or other accessory. And the single contact support system allows the tube to move freely with your attached camera.

SmartStar-PR is universally compatible with all tubes using a dovetail connection making it useful for the hobbyist with multiple tubes. It also includes a Polar Finder scope essential for accurately aligning your EQ5.

German Equatorial Mount
Precision Engineered Worm Gear
9-speed Drive Motor
High-caliber Bearings & Shaft
130,000 object database with 256 user-defined objects
The largest LCD screen on the market with 8 lines and 21-characters Hand Control with backlit LED buttons.
Easily to Balance on Both Axes, in both RA and Dec, for smooth tracking
Clearance For Cameras and other accessories
AC connector (Optional DC adaptor available)
Strain relief power cord cable protection
Maximum payload: 35 lbs
HBX ports for Autoguide, PC, and auxiliary components - GPS-compatible with optional GPS Module (#8411)
2-inch heavy duty stainless steel - All metal supports-no plastic trays or joints - Solid construction joints
Maximum extended height ??? 50 inches - Folded height ??? 34 inches
Extendable stainless steel tripod legs with heavy duty mount head.

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